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Campus Life

Student Counseling

Consultation Services

Consulting system has provided for students to discuss various problems. Please feel free to contact Student Counseling.

General Consultation Service

Student Counselling (1F, University Health Center)


Student Support Section
Academic Service Office for the Library, Information and Media Sciences Area
  • Office Hour: Mon.-Fri. 8:50-12:15 13:15-17:00
  • TEL: 029-859-1130, 029-859-1131
  • FAX: 029-859-1453
  • E-mail: shien-1[at]ml.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp

Counseling and Consultation for International Students

The International Students Advisory Staff provides general counseling and consultation services for international students and their tutors, in order to help them cope with issues they encounter in their academic and daily life. Please feel free to make an appointment via email.

  • Advisory Staff: Yohei Seki
  • Room: 7D213
  • Email: yohei [at] slis.tsukuba.ac.jp

Global Commons

International Student Counseling/Consultation Office (Global Commons)