Interim Presentation

An interim presentation is required before applying for preliminary review.
As a rule, presentations are held on the fourth Wednesday of May, July, November, and January, so please choose the date according to the progress of your research and contact the Graduate Academic Affairs Section at least 5 weeks prior to the presentation date.
The presentation will be about 60 minutes long, including Q&A, and will cover the purpose of the research, research methods, progress, etc.

Conditions for giving an interim presentation
1. Must have been enrolled in this Doctoral Program for at least one year (at least 6 months for early-completion students) *Excluding periods of absence from university.
2. Must have at least one core paper. *Please refer to the Degree Application Guide for details of the "core paper".
3. Must have completed the INFOSS and APRIN course.

Degree Application Guide for Completion in AY2022

For information on the procedures and schedule for applying for degrees, please refer to the Degree Application Guide.

[Degree Application Guide] (updated in September 2022)

Forms of Degree Application in AY2022(preparing)

Please check the sample and prepare the documents.
(updated in September 2022)

Preliminary Review   [word][Sample

Dissertation Review     [word][Sample

Notification of early completion   [word][Sample

Reference: 情報学学位プログラム博士後期課程(課程博士)の学位論文審査に関する内規