Koizumi, M. Laboratory

“Comprehensive research on libraries as spaces for overcoming social divisions in the 21st century” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Principal Investigator: Masanori Koizumi, FY2020 – FY2023)

In our modern age of knowledge and information, the social significance of libraries has increased, especially their roles as foundations for democracy. In my laboratory, we focus on how libraries provide services to citizens, how they solve problems, and how they create value in local communities. Through our research on library management and policies, we have (1) constructed management theories based on library core values, (2) conducted international comparative analyses of advanced cases, and (3) studied the impact of neoliberal ideas on libraries in order to show how libraries have transitioned from traditional to 21st-century libraries. Currently, we are conducting a research project titled “Comprehensive research on libraries as spaces for overcoming social divisions in the 21st century.” In this research project, which includes doctoral students, we are studying the policies and strategies that libraries use for overcoming social divisions. We are examining public libraries in the United States, where libraries are deeply rooted in society, and in Nordic countries, which are high welfare states. We have already elucidated the transitions of library policy in the State of New York (USA), the impact of Norwegian library laws and policies on society, characteristics of library events in Helsinki (Finland), and a Nordic model of democratic librarianship. Students have enjoyed opportunities to collaborate with prominent researchers in the United States and Nordic countries, conduct surveys overseas, and present at international conferences. We do hope you find the theme interesting and join us in our research project.

Reference link:https://kaken.nii.ac.jp/en/grant/KAKENHI-PROJECT-20H04479/