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Message from Chair

Information and communication technology has developed and spread as an infrastructure that supports all industries and lives. A map app that uses a satellite positioning system such as GPS relieves the anxiety of traveling on a strange land, and aircraft fly-by-wire makes a great contribution to reducing the weight of aircraft through electrical communication. In this way, information and communication technology had indeed the aspect of supporting its original purpose and function from the underground.

In the 21st century, which is called “information explosion”, information or knowledge itself, which is the product of our intellectual production activities, has been the subject of science. Up to now, information and communication technology that has been used to support objects such as travel and maneuver has been applied to informatics that deals with the information itself and handles the whole processing cycles from production, distribution, processing to re-production of information. The discipline of informatics continues to grow and deepen.

Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics that directly handle such “informatics” has been established under the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences. It becomes an era in which human beings, aircraft, automobiles, dams, levees, and all others are interconnected by information and work together. As all kinds of information are digitized and converged on the Internet, libraries and archives, which are a treasure trove of knowledge, are also major elements. All the elements that work together continue to redefine their new position within the whole while expanding their functionality. Please join us and open up a new era of informatics.

Tetsuji SATOH
Chair, Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics