Doctoral Program

What is the doctoral program in informatics?

The purpose of the doctoral program in informatics is to train people who are engaged in specialized work or research to utilize information into academic, education, life, and culture through interdisciplinary approaches of fusion of humanities and sciences so that it can respond to the situation where the importance of information in human activities is rapidly increasing due to technological progress. This program belongs to the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, which is one of the six Graduate Schools at the University of Tsukuba. The faculty organizations are the Institute of Library, Information and Media Science, and the undergraduate educational organizations are the College of Media Arts, Science and Technology and the College of Knowledge and Library Sciences.

Purpose of the human resource development in this program.

The information has played an essential role in human activities for a long time, but the importance has drastically increased with the development of technology in recent years. In order to deal with such situations, the doctoral program in informatics trains people involved in research to utilize information in academics, education, life, and culture, through an interdisciplinary approach of fusion of humanities and sciences.

Specialist that the doctoral program in informatics pursues.

The doctoral program in informatics intends that students will be able to look over various problems related to humans and information, set research themes based on specialized knowledge and technology, and to accomplish them.