Student Publication Grant

We are now accepting applications for this support for AY2024. Students who wish to apply for this support should check the following and apply to the Student Support Section.

Contact : Student Support Section

Support Policy

◎【Required reading】≪Operation Policy of Support for Student Publication Grant≫ updated on May 21,2024 (in Japanese only)
                   ≪Operation Policy of Support for English Revision Fee≫ updated on May 21,2024(in Japanese only)

◎The amount of support is up to 100,000 yen per person per year. Up to 50,000 yen for students entering in October.
 *However, if the total budget is exceeded, support will be discontinued.

The Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics, and the Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies support students in accordance with the above policy.

Application Flow

Please submit the following documents to student Support Section. (Due date : within one week from the date of delivery.)

  • 【Submitted by all】
  •   1.Application form for student Publication Grant [ EXCEL ]
  •   2.Estimate
  •   3.Statement of Delivery (Write the date of delivery and put your signature.)
      *Even if you only publish the results and there is no deliverable, please submit statement of Delivery, Estimate and Invoice.
  •   4.Invoice
  •   5.Deliverables (Published papers or Copied reprints)
      *If your payment is due soon , please contact us.
  •   6.A copy of the document confirming the submission (Copies of emails, etc.)
  • *Please submit the following additional applicable documents.
  • 【When applying for an English editing fee】
  •   7.A copy of the edited paper (The one which the revision parts are indicate.)
  • 【When applying for reprint purchase fee】
  •   8.Distribution List of printed materials [ EXCEL ]
  • 【If the person pays in advance / If the faculty member paid with a corporate card】
  •   9.Receipt
  •  10.A copy of your credit card statement
  •  11.Advance Payment Reimbursement Request Form [ EXCEL 英文校閲シート ] *Not required if faculty member paid with corporate card.

If you are applying to the University for the first time for travel and expense payments, please register your payee account through the Payee Registration System. Unified Authentication System ID and PW are required.

Student Support Section, Academic Service Office for the Library, Information and Media Sciences Area
Monday – Friday: 8:50 – 12:15, 13:15 – 17:00 (except national holidays)
TEL: 029-859-1130, 029-859-1131
FAX: 029-859-1453
E-mail: tosyoss-gakusei at (Please change “at” before sending.)