Candidates for International Exchange

List of institutions with international exchange agreements (Kasuga Campus)

The Institute of Library, Information and Media Science and the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics are actively promoting international exchange. We have departmental-level agreements of international exchange with the following universities and libraries. We are striving to facilitate our educational and research activities from a global perspective, by fostering interaction among scholars and promoting collaborative research.

CountryInstitutions with Exchange AgreementsField of Exchange
ChinaShanghai LibraryLibrary and Information Science and related fields
KoreaPusan National University, Department of Library, 
Archive and Information Studies of the Graduate School, College of Social Sciences
Library and Information Science and related fields
U.S.AUniversity of Pittsburgh, School of Computing and InformationLibrary and Information Science, Information Science
U.S.AUniversity of Michigan, School of InformationLibrary and Information Science and related fields
GermanyStuttgart Media UniversityLibrary and Information Science and Informatics
AustriaUniversity of Art and Design Linz, Department of Interface Culture,  Institute of Media StudiesHuman Computer Interaction, Media Art, Art & Science
RussiaRussian State University for the Humanities, Institute for History and Archives, Faculty of Archival StudiesRelated fields such as archival science and information science

*As of May 2024

Apart from the above, the University of Tsukuba has an agreement of international exchange with many universities around the world. For details, please refer to the following website: