Master’s Program

Human Resource Development Objectives and Human Resources to Develop (Master’s Program)

Human resource development objectives:

Information has played an important role in human activities, but its importance has increased rapidly with recent technological advances. In order to respond to such a situation, Master’s Program in Informatics develops human resources who can take interdisciplinary approaches to specialized work that makes effective use of information in various human activities such as academic, education, life and culture.

Human resources to develop:

Human resources who understand various problems related to humans and information, acquire specialized knowledge and skills, and can perform tasks

  • Human resources who are capable of data analysis, system development, and media production using the latest information technology
  • Human resources who can propose the optimal information environment for the community based on the interaction between humans and information
  • Human resources who understand the diversity of history and culture, and can share and inherit knowledge resources

Career after completion:

Doctoral programs, researchers, university faculty members, data scientists, IT / media engineers, consultants and other information professionals, professional staff in libraries, museums, archives, etc.