Morishima Research Team

“Computational Division-of-Labor: Constructive and Theoretical Research with a Meta Labor Platform” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), Principal Investigator: Atsuyuki Morishima, FY2022 – FY2025)

In recent years, a variety of online labor platforms have emerged, for crowdsourcing, skill sharing, etc., which enable new ways of working. The essence of the labor platform is the use of AI to manage the division of labor that was traditionally done by project managers and supervisors, and it is expected that new services will be created with scale and speed that are difficult for humans. In addition, labor platforms realize “fusion intelligence” by combining the power of big data, machine learning, and humans, though the internet that connect billions of people and AI agents. It will bring new solutions to problems that were difficult to solve, with human-in-the-loop AI workflows. In this research project, we construct a meta-labor platform that can supply advanced functions across multiple platforms. With the meta-labor platform, we explore the total optimization based on query optimization theory that has been successful in the database system domain, the utilization of AI workers in the face of labor shortage, the optimization to make workers happy. Through the research, we aim to find computable and better division of labor on platforms. We welcome students who are interested in not only publishing papers but also doing constructive research in which they implement their results to solve a variety of societal challenges.

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