Master's and Doctoral Programs in Informatics provide a curriculum that integrates the humanities and sciences to feed individuals who can play an active role in a wide range of fields. There are a variety of career paths available, including employment in publishing and library-related companies that utilize knowledge about materials and provide services, and in companies related to the infrastructure that is essential to daily life.
 In addition, most of the students decided to work on companies that provide services by connecting people and technology, taking advantage of what they have learned not only about technology but also about the mentality from the perspective of service recipient.
 The variety of employment career paths available is an unique feature for this program.
 Furthermore, there are international students who were seeking employments in their home countries. Recently, they tended to find employments in general information and telecommunications service companies and behave actively not only in Japan but also in other countries.
 Aside from those who decided to work in companies, some students entered doctoral program for their further research and some became civil servant. Finally, we also have career advisors who provide personal consultant and events to support students who wish to find employments in different fields.
 The following are the details of career paths for the first alumni of Master's Program in Informatics. We believe that this information will be helpful for students who are considering joining our program in the future.

Career paths for the first alumni of Master’s Program in Informatics(Total number: 43)

Categories Number Details
Further education (Ph.D. Program) 6 University of Tsukuba
    Doctoral Program in Informatics:3
    Other Degree Programs:2
Other university
    Tokyo Institute of Technology:1
Business 27(9) Rakuten Mobile, Inc.,INFOCOM CORPORATION,All About,Inc.,BrainPad Inc.,NCR Japan,Ltd.,teamLab Inc.,Salesforce Japan Co.,Ltd.,Yahoo Japan Corporation(3),Sony Corporation,Internet Initiative Japan Inc.,AIdeaLab Inc.,Donuts Co. Ltd.,TRC Library Service Inc.,SEIBU HOLDINGS INC.,Yatoro Electronics Co.,Ltd.,TechnoPro, Inc. TechnoPro Engineering Company,KEIYU CO., Ltd.,SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION,Core Concept Technologies Inc.,Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.,Simplex Inc. ,Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.,Nihon CES, Inc.,Meituan Co., Ltd,Rakuten Group, Inc.
Public servant 1 Tsukuba City Hall
Job searching 0  
Incumbent 3 CHUO UNIVERSITY,The Musashino Foundation for Culture and Lifelong Learning,Nagareyama City Council
Return to home country 4(4)  
Other・No answer 2(1) Part-time job: 1
No answer: 1
Total 43(14)  

( )refers to the number of international student.