Ono, H. Laboratory

“Research and development of the presentation guidance AI to streamline inquiry-based learning guidance in junior high schools and high schools” (The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation Research Survey Grant, Principal Investigator: Haruki Ono, FY2023 – FY2025)

 Due to the new guidelines for the curriculum beginning in the academic years 2021-2022, inquiry-based learning in all subjects was introduced in junior high schools and high schools. Inquiry-based learning requires teachers to teach individually because each student may study a different topic and because their progress and background knowledge might be different greatly. However, the current situation is that there is no sufficient human resources to support such inquiry-based learning. Ono Laboratory conducts research from the perspective of library and information science to establish an infrastructure that facilitates inquiry-based learning by utilizing information media and to solve the issue of human resource shortage.
 Funded by the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation, this research focuses on the compilation and presentation of inquiry results, which are the final stage of the inquiry-based learning process. In recent years, the topics dealt with in inquiry-based learning in junior high schools and high schools have become sophisticated, and students in these schools have come to present their findings at academic conferences. Nonetheless, school teachers cannot support every student’s presentation individually because it is very time-consuming for students to give presentations in practice. This research aims to develop a system to support students in improving basic presentation skills, thereby streamlining teachers’ presentation guidance.
 Our laboratory hopes to contribute to the nationwide promotion of inquiry-based learning by providing research findings to schools around the country through this project. The laboratory is looking for a wide variety of research students who are interested in such practical research themes.