Register Extending System


Register Extending System allows students to complete a master’s program and doctoral program in a period longer than usual.
The period can be extended from the standard 2 years to 3 or 4 years. (Master’s program)
The period can be extended from the standard 3 years to 4 or 5 years. (Doctoral program)
Extended applicants pay discounted tuition allocated per registered period. Total amount of tuition is as same as that of students who are in graduate school standard 2/3 years. This system aim at studying scheduled in a long term. Applicants are reviewed individually after the application.

Eligible Applicants

Working students or those who need to take care of family members, such as children or the elderly, and it would be difficult for the students to graduate in 2/3 years. Students need to plan scheduled completion in 3 or 4 years/4 or 5 years at the time of application.
Note: There is a possibility that you cannot apply for this system depending on your Status of Residence.

Payment of Tuition

The annual tuition fee for those who were approved the extension will be calculated according to following expression:

(A) X (B) / (C)


(A) Annual tuition which should be paid in the standard number of years
(B) Number of years equivalent to their program’s standard number of years
(C) Total number of years including the extended years which have been approved

The above mentioned annual fee is applied during the approved period only.

Application Period

Consult Academic Service Office for the Library, Information and Media Science Area for approval of application.
Submit required documents within the time period for enrollment procedure.

Students who wants to apply register extending system from the second academic year, submit required documents.
For the students enrolled in April, submit them until the end of January.
For the students enrolled in October, submit them until the end of June.

Application Forms