Financial Support

(1) Exemption of Tuition and Fees [Section in Charge: Student Support Section]

There is a system to exempt all or part of the entrance fee or tuition, or to defer the collection, for those who are found as having difficulty to pay due to economic reasons or for those who are found as having unavoidable circumstances.

(2) Scholarships [Section in Charge: Student Support Section]

Scholarship programs handled by our university include the University of Tsukuba Student Scholarship “Tsukuba Scholarship,” Japan Student Services Organization, local governments, and private scholarship organizations.

*Note: Type 1 and Type 2 scholarship procedures related to study abroad

(3) Training and Education Benefits System [Section in Charge: Graduate Academic Affairs Section]

1. What is the training and education benefits system?
This is an employment insurance benefit system that subsidizes a portion of the expenses paid by the person to the educational training facility in order to support the independent efforts of workers to develop their skills or to support their medium- to long-term career development.
 (*For details, please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.)

2. Target courses of the training and education benefits system in the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics (General education and training)

・Master’s Program in Informatics (Working individuals) Statement

・Certificate Program in “Library Management Course” Statement

3. Benefit amount
Amount equivalent to 20% of the education and training expenses (=admission fee and one year’s tuition) paid by the person to the education and training facility (maximum of 100,000 yen)
◆ An example of the amount paid when the requirements are met

• For students who have completed of the Master’s Program in Informatics (working individuals)

Entrance fee 282,000 yen + tuition 535,800 yen x 20% = 163,560 yen ⇒ 100,000 yen

• For students who have completed the Certificate Program in the Library Management Course

If all 3 courses are taken in one year : 65,625 yen x 20% = 13,125 yen

4. Payment application procedure

A “certificate of education and training completion” and “certificate of receipt of entrance fee and tuition” will be issued to those who are eligible at the time of completion.
Please submit these documents along with the required documents to the nearest Hello Work within one month* after completion.
Please check here for details on eligibility, required documents, and procedures.
(*Application deadline: In principle, it is set within one month, but from April 2015, it is possible to apply until the statute of limitations expires (two years).)