Master's and Doctoral Programs in Informatics is currently planning to build a network of alumni.
We would like to activate long-term exchanges by informing you of events such as Homecoming Day, and collecting and sharing information on the activities of our alumni.
Therefore, please register an e-mail address that we can continue to contact you using the form below.
(Please note that e-mail address of Zengaku Computer System has already expired, so please enter another e-mail address.)

  • Registration Period: Please submit by Sunday, October 30, 2022.

[Staff for FY2022]
Assistant Professor / Haruki Ono, Koji Murata
Chair, Master's and Doctoral Programs in Informatics / Norihiko Uda

* The information you submit will be registered in the alumni directory system managed or outsourced by this degree program and will be used only for the purpose of alumni network building, such as distributing alumni events and requesting surveys.