Diploma Policy (Doctoral Program)

A doctoral degree (Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics) will be awarded to those who have recognized as having the following knowledge and abilities, upon fulfilling the requirements for completion of the doctoral program specified by the University of Tsukuba Graduate School Rules and Related Rules.

General knowledge and abilities

  1. Knowledge creation competence: Ability to create new knowledge that can contribute to future society
  2. Management competence: Ability to discover issues, plan the solutions, and execute the plan
  3. Communication competence: Ability to convey the essence of academic results positively and clearly
  4. Leadership competence: Ability to demonstrate leadership and achieve objectives
  5. Internationality competence: High level of awareness and willingness to work internationally and contribute to the international communities

Specialized knowledge and abilities

  1. Research competence in Informatics: Advanced research capabilities that can set cutting-edge research agenda in Informatics, and independently design a research plan and execute it
  2. Expertise in Informatics: Latest advanced expertise and operational skills in informatics
  3. Ethics in Informatics: High standard of ethics and norm awareness in Informatics