Diploma Policy (Master’s Program)

A master’s degree (Master of Science in Informatics) will be awarded to those who have been recognized as having the following knowledge and abilities, upon fulfilling the requirements for completion of the master’s program specified by the University of Tsukuba Graduate School Rules and Related Rules.

General knowledge and abilities

  1. Knowledge application competence: Ability to apply advanced knowledge to society
  2. Management competence: Ability to respond accurately to issues from a broad perspective
  3. Communication competence: Ability to convey specialized knowledge accurately and clearly
  4. Teamwork competence: Ability to collaborate as a team and actively contribute to the achievement of goals
  5. Internationality competence: Consciousness to contribute to the international community

Specialized knowledge and abilities

  1. Qualitative research competence: Ability to analyze data semantically with appropriate methods
  2. Quantitative research competence: Ability to mathematically analyze data using appropriate methods
  3. Media expertise: Expertise in developing new media with application to social systems in mind
  4. System expertise: Expertise in designing systems by analyzing multifaceted interactions between humans and information
  5. Resource expertise: Expertise in understanding the diversity of history and culture through materials, and in building knowledge and information resource infrastructure
  6. Information ethics: Ethics and norm awareness for information