Suzuki, K. Laboratory

In my laboratory, we are conducting the following research:

(1) International comparative studies regarding the effects of nutrition claims in advertisements on promotion and suppression of health behavior (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Principal Investigator: Kanae Suzuki, FY2017-current)
(2) The development and evaluation of education program based on factors of media information literacy (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal Investigator: Kanae Suzuki, FY2017-current)

The former focuses on techniques used in food and beverage advertisements to examine what kinds of techniques (e.g., health and nutrition claims) are more frequently used in different countries, and how exposure to the advertisements affects behavior. The latter involves developing, implementing, and evaluating programs to interpret the messages in advertisements for unhealthy foods and beverages. Through participating in these projects, graduate students are not only able to gain a deeper understanding of these research topics, but are also able to learn about research methods such as content analysis, surveys, and experiments. In the process of proceeding with these projects, we have once again realized the importance of revealing different ways to deepen our understanding of the subjects included in messages and investigated in learning scenes. Recently, we have also been working on a research project that focuses on the development and use of “learning information resources (well-developed information sources for learning).” In this project, in addition to students who are interested in inquiry-based and investigative learning, working graduate students are also able to develop their research by taking advantage of their workplaces (e.g., schools and libraries).

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